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  • Fujinon FD32x12.5SR4A-CV1 1/1.8" 12.5-400mm (32x) F3.1 Motorized Zoom & Focus with Auto-Iris (DC/Video Type Switchable) C-Mount Lens with Analog, RS-232 & Pelco D Control, Day/Night, 2 Megapixel Rated (Full HD)

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    FUJ FD32x12.5SR4A-CV1
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    Technical Information

    Format: 1/1.8"

    Focal Length: 12.5-400mm

    Aperture: F3.1

    Iris Type: Auto-Iris (DC/Video Switchable)

    Mount: C-Mount


    Additional Information

    Main Features of FD32x12.5SR4A-CV1

    1. Full-HD and compatible with large size sensors

    • These lenses can capture full-HD, high definition pictures across their entire 32x zoom range.
    • In response to market needs for color surveillance even in low light, they are designed for the larger 1/1.8” and 2/3” formats, which are emerging as mainstream in long-range surveillance for higher sensitivity, thereby boosting the identification performance of surveillance systems.
    • In order to accommodate full-HD systems, the lenses feature the flange focal length adjustment function, enabling focus settings of greater precision.

    2. Expanded interface

    • The lenses support both analog and serial interfaces, giving lens control choices to customers according to their existing systems.
    • The widely used protocol “Pelco-D” is now supported as well as FUJIFILM unique “C10”.

    3. Equipped with a visible light cut filter

    • The visible light cut filter creates a de-fogging effect with an IR camera, frequently used in long-range surveillance and keep clear image quality.

    4. Improved installation to the housings

    • The lenses’ main unit is approx. 20% smaller in height compared to Fujifilm’s existing 32x zoom lenses to enable combination with a greater range of outdoor surveillance system housings.
    • They feature a larger seat for being affixed to a housing, and a total of six affixing holes for improved installation stability.

     [ FUJINON FD32x12.5SR4A-CV1 Main specifications ]

    Product name FD32x12.5SR4A-CV1
    Resolution Full-HD 2MP*
    Sensor size (max.) 1/1.8”
    Focal length 12.5 - 400 mm
    Zoom magnification 32x
    Iris range (F no.) F3.1 - F16
    Focusing range
    (From front of the lens)
    ∞ - 3m
    Iris Operation Auto (DC / Video Type)
    Angle of view
    (HxV) [4:3]
    2/3”Wide  n/a
    Tele  n/a
    1/1.8”Wide 30°54‘x23°32‘
    Tele 1° 2‘x0°46‘
    1/3”Wide 21°14‘x16° 2‘
    Tele 0°42‘x0°31‘
    Mount C
    Body size (max.)
    108x114x251 mm
    (258 mm at ∞ )
    Weight Approx. 2.8kg




    FD32x12.5SR4A-CV1 Spec & Info Sheet (PDF)



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