Evaluation Policy

Product Evaluation Process*

The evaluation policy at RMA Electronics, Inc. is one of the most flexible offered in the industry.


We send the item For up to a 30 day evaluation. Your credit card is initially billed at time of shipment.


Your are able to fully evaluate the product with your existing equipment for up to 30 days.

Return or Keep

If the product doesn't work, simply return it within 30 days. We'll waive any re-stock fees. If it works, keep it!

*Some Restrictions apply: Customer is responsible for all freight charges. Some makes and models are excluded from evaluation policy. RMA Electronics has the right to limit quantities. We may contact you to confirm that the goods ordered for evaluation are compatible with your system. Placing a new online order will charge the credit card. Returns must be received within 30 days with product(s) in like-new condition, with original packaging. Continental/US shipments only for full refund. We will waive any re-stocking fees.



Video capture boards and digital cameras are typical components which sometimes can have compatibility issues with a particular brand, type, and/or operating system for the PC to which it will be installed. Maybe the software driver and SDK for the frame grabber, for example, will need to be compatible with some special third party software? While we do much of the necessary homework ahead of time on these issues, sometimes the frame grabber or camera will need to be installed and run in the customer’s particular environment to know if truly compatible.


The customer has an existing camera inspection camera system but they are upgrading from an analog camera to a megapixel camera with USB 3.0 output. The camera is about 4 meters away from the PC to which it is installed and displayed – and this is a fixed distance. Will a regular USB 3.0 cable be ok for this? According to current specifications, the customer would be exceeding the maximum recommended cable distance for USB 3.0 before they might need to consider some type of USB cable extender. Here is an instance where we suggest trying out a 5 meter cable first to see if this meets the requirement or if perhaps a more expensive solution will be needed.


As an example, while most/all lens manufacturers offer a 2/3” format 12mm or 12.5mm manual iris C-Mount megapixel rated lens, one might behave differently in a specific application compared to other models. Maybe having the lowest distortion possible on this lens is the major goal? Or perhaps the major goal is having the best sensitivity in both the visible and near infrared spectrums? Maybe you have already selected a camera with over 2 megapixels of resolution, but want to see if a 2 megapixel rated lens would provide a good quality image? We can often do much of the work upfront to provide good feedback and recommendations for such considerations, but sometimes the best way to know is to actually try it out in your specific application and see for yourself how it performs.

IT’S AS EASY AS...1, 2, 3

The evaluation policy at RMA Electronics, Inc. is one of the most flexible and generous offered in the industry.

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