Euresys 1203 Video Expansion Bracket (VEB) for Alert and Tetra for 4 Additional Inputs

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Euresys 1203 Video Expansion Bracket for Alert and Tetra, includes cables; for 4 Additional Video Inputs.


Video Expansion Bracket

A VEB (Video Expansion Bracket) adds four video connections to a Picolo Tetra or a Picolo Alert.  The video inputs are selectable color or monochrome composite inputs, terminated with removable 75 Ω resistors.  This module can be used as input or output, depending of the selected VEB LINK connector (video in or video out).

At a glance

  • Adds four video connections to a [1303] Picolo Tetra or a [1641] Picolo Alert PCIe
  • Four BNC connectors and four termination resistor switches on the bracket
  • Can be used as video output connector for the Picolo Tetra




Datasheet (PDF)


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