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  • Euresys 1641 Picolo Alert PCIe PCI Express Video Capture Board, Up To 16 Inputs (4 Real-Time), PCIe

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    Technical Information

    Input: Composite Analog (BNC)

    Bus: PCI Express (PCIe) x 1

    # Cameras: 4 Real-Time (up to 16 Total)


    Additional Information

    Euresys 1641 Picolo Alert PCIe PCI Express Video Capture Board, 4 Simultaneous Video Streams, up to 16 inputs, PAL/NTSC, 2 x 180MBs, Use 1203 Video Expansion Bracket (VEB) for Adding Each Additional 4 Inputs (up to 16 in total).

    Ultra-fast Multiple-channel Video Capture cards

    Equipped with the Euresys video-surveillance FPGA, the Picolo Alert cards are able to acquire images from up to sixteen independent cameras with a total digitizing power of 200 / 240 fps. The user is free to share this digitizing power between the sixteen channels, according to the requirements of the application.


      - 200/240 fps constantly available
      - 4 cameras in real-time
      - Digital switching between up to 16 cameras with no delay
      Simultaneous capture and preview video output streams
      - Performed by a proprietary video-surveillance FPGA
      - Leading to 32 video output streams
      Form factor:  PCI Express Full-height, half-length, x1  
      Software MultiCam drivers for Microsoft Windows® and Linux
      DirectShow filters


    Video input connectors
     - 4 BNC on the card bracket
     - 4 internal on-board headers

     - VEB -Video Expansion Brackets- compatible (Model 1203 - sold separately.)

    • 12 additional inputs connected internally with 3 VEBs
    • 4 cameras connected on the card BNC connectors



    16 Video Inputs

    200 / 240 fps constantly available

    This is not a peak value! As a unique feature, the Alert cards offer the ability to share a total digitizing power of 200 / 240 fields per second (100 / 120 ips) among the sixteen video channels without switching delay.


    PAL / NTSC
    4-camera configuration 16-camera configuration
    /card /camera /card /camera
     Cif/s or Field/s 200 / 240 50 / 60 200 / 240 12.5 / 15
     Image/sec 100 / 120 25 / 30 100 / 120 6.25 / 7.5



     Automatic removal of interlacing artefacts in field mode
    - A large frame store for an automatic and smooth regulation of the frame rate in case of a system overuse of the PCI 
    bus. This frame store also ensures a non disruptive image delivery to the PC memory regardless of PCI bus 
    - Stable images regardless of video parity: thanks to the Euresys video-surveillance FPGA, the Picolo Alert cards 
    process the acquired images on the fly eliminating all issues related to the parity management without requiring any 
    processing power from the PC

    An independently programmable frame rate and acquisition parameters for each video input

    The user is able to choose the applied frame rate according to the requirements of the application. A maximum of four real-time channels can run simultaneously. The image acquisition is fully configurable for image resolution, pixel size, cropping, scaling, contrast, brightness, saturation, storage format… The commonly used size formats are predefined:QCIF, CIF, Field and Frame, with square pixels or broadcast resolution.


    Two independent and simultaneous destinations for each video channel leading to 32 video output streams

    Each camera independently delivers data to two different memory locations in the PC, including the graphic card, for simultaneous capture and preview functions. Both are fully configurable for acquisition rate, image resolution, cropping, scaling, contrast, brightness, saturation, storage format...


    9 Professional I/O Lines and a Configurable Hardware Watchdog
      On an internal 20-pin header:
      4 professional input lines
        - Contact-closure inputs that can be directly connected to:
       Switches  5V or TTL output
       Relays  12V or 24V output
       Opto-coupled devices  
        - Providing a very high common-mode immunity
      5 professional output lines
        - Solid-state relay outputs that can be directly connected to:
       Relays  TTL inputs with pull-up or pull-down resistor
       Opto-coupled devices  
      Direct connection to various kinds of devices
      Trigger, interface to alarm systems, ...
      Not sensitive to polarity



    pdf-icon.pngDatasheet (PDF)

    pdf-icon.pngPicolo Series (PDF)



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