Zeiss Dimension 2/12 4/3" 12mm F2.0 Manual Focus & Iris C-Mount Lens, Compact and Ruggedized Design, Visible and Near IR Optimized

ZEISS 2229-924
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Zeiss Dimension 2/12 4/3" 12mm F2.0 Manual Focus & Iris C-Mount Lens, Compact and Ruggedized Design, Visible and Near IR Optimized.  Rated for cameras with over 20 megapixel resolution.

The new ZEISS Dimension family meets the highest demands for industrial applications. The lenses developed for use with a C-mount are designed for image sensors up to a size of 4/3” and offer exceptional image quality in a compact, lightweight and rugged aluminum housing. The ZEISS Dimension family consists of six focal lengths ranging from 8 to 50 millimeters. Almost all ZEISS Dimension lenses have the same outer diameter for reliable planning when mounting them in production facilities.

 Precision and ease of operation are key factors that make the ZEISS Dimension family stand out. With the help of the innovative adjustment mechanism*, it is easy to compensate for tolerances at the camera mount. In addition to the C-mount’s stable screw connection, fixation screws on the focus and aperture rings guarantee a high degree of stability and ensure that the settings remain in the correct position.

The focus and aperture rings are equipped with gears to be directly connected to servomotors. If the scales on the lens are not easy to read during use in industrial applications, their alignment can be easily adjusted as needed.

 ZEISS Dimension lenses are the perfect solution for complex production processes. Thanks to their high level of flexibility, they truly stand out when used in security and monitoring applications, quality control, traffic monitoring, recycling processes and many more applications.

Optical data:

Focal length

12 mm

Aperture range

f/2 – f/22 (continuous)

Number of elements / groups

13 / 9

Focus range (object to sensor)

180,4 mm (0.59 ft.) – ∞

Min. free working distance

101,0 mm (0.33 ft.)

Angular field (diag. / horiz. / vert.)

1’’: 65.94°/56.73°/39.55°

4/3’’: 82.53°/70.51°/56.00°

Max. diameter of image field

1’’: 16 mm (0.63’’); 4/3’’: 21.64 mm (0.83’’)

Flange focal length (in air)

17,526 mm (0.69’’), C mount

Coverage at close range

1’’: 133,9 mm x 88,7 mm (5,27 x 3,49’’)

4/3’’: 176,5 mm x 131,8 mm (6,95 x 5,19’’)

Image ratio at close range


Position of entrance pupil (relative to image sensor)

63,8 mm (2.51”)

Position of exit pupil (relative to image sensor)

38,9 mm (1.53”)

Physical data:


Length (front to mount contact surface at inf.)

60,0 mm (2.36”)

Length (front to mount contact surface at MOD)

60,0 mm (2.36”)

Diameter (lens only)

57,0 mm (2.24”)

Diameter (with fixation screws)

64,0 mm (2.52”)


M43 x 0.75


264 g (0.58 lbs)

Camera mount

C mount

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