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Kowa LM3QS40 1/2.5" 3mm F4.0 Fixed Iris M-12 Mount (S-Mount) Lens, Low Distortion, For Pixel Size of 3.2 um, Visible & NIR Transmission

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Product Information LM3QS40 | 1/2.5" F4 3mm S-Mount (M12) Lens

Kowa’s S-Mount lenses can be customized by request.

The F-stops can be modified and IR cut filters can be added. Another option is to glue the internal lens elements to make the lenses more resistant to shock and vibrations.

A complete new optical and mechanical design is possible as well.


Technical Details
Focal Length (mm): 3
Sensor Size: 1/2,5"
Pixel Size (µm): 3,2
Mount: S-mount
Iris Range (F-Stop): 4,0
Lens Type: Fixed Focal Lens
Wavelength Range: VIS (380nm - 780nm)
Focusing Range (m): 0,1 - ∞
Shooting range at MOD, horizontal (mm): 86,7
Shooting range at MOD, vertical (mm): 70,6
Resolution, Center: 160
Resolution, Corner: 125
Distortion (TV) (%): 0,02
Back focus in air (mm): 2,6
Size (mm): Ø16x22,3
Weight (g): 6
Temperature Range (): -10°C - +50°C
Series: S-Mount
Application: Machine Vision





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Lens Type:
M12 Mount
Megapixel Rating:
2 MP
Iris Type:
Mount Type:
S Mount (M12 Mount)