HIKROBOT MVL-HF0624M-10MP 1/1.8" 6mm F2.4 Manual Iris C-Mount Lens, Anti-Vibration, NIR Sensitivity, 10 MP Rated

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HIKROBOT MVL-HF0624M-10MP 1/1.8" 6mm F2.4 Manual Iris C-Mount Lens, Anti-Vibration Performance, 2.1 Micron Pixel Support, NIR Sensitivity, 10 Megapixel Rated


Key Features

  • Ultra high resolution and consistency of image clarity

  • Bigger aperture, lower distortion and higher relative illumination rate

  • Achromatic optical system design, Better imaging performance with color camera

  • Excellent vibration resistance performance, optical axis shifting within pixel level

  • Good stability at high and low temperature

  • Multi layer and broadband coating design, compatible with visible and near-infrared applications

  • NIR Sensitivity


Model No. MVL-HF0624M-10MP
Type Fixed focal length, Manual iris, 10MP, FA Lens
Focal Length 6mm
Aperture F2.4~F16
Image Circle Φ9mm(1/1.8")
Distortion 0.37%
Control Iris: Manual
Focus: Manual
Operating Temperature -10~50
Angle of View 1/1.8”
Interface C-Mount
Flange Back Length 17.526mm
Filter Thread \
M.O.D 0.1m
Dimension Φ29.8×40.9mm
Weight 82.8g
Field of View D: 72.96° H: 62.46° V: 44.05°


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