Euresys 4180 Open ID Bundle for USB Dongle Includes EasyOCR, EasyOCR2, EasyBarCode, EasyMatrixCode, EasyQRCode, and EasyImage

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ID Bundle

Bundle of Open eVision identification libraries

  • Cost effective bundle of eVision's identification libraries
  • Includes EasyImage, EasyOCR, EasyOCR2, EasyBarCode, EasyMatrixCode and EasyQRCode


Open eVision Studio development and prototyping tool

Open eVision Studio is the development and prototyping tool of Open eVision. It includes a scripting function that generates code (C++, C# and Visual Basic ActiveX) using easy to understand menus and dialog boxes. The generated code can then be copied and pasted into your application's source code.

EasyBarCode description

EasyBarCode is a library designed to automatically locate and read bar codes. Bar codes encode short character string and are widely used for marking and identifying goods. EasyBarCode is able to identify and read a wide range of standard commonly-used symbologies as well as special symbologies. EasyBarCode automatically locates the bar code symbol in the image and supports code rotation. Moreover, for prototyping or special cases, an advanced manual location mode is also available.

EasyMatrixCode Description

Data Matrix codes are widely used for parcel tracking and part identification in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical and mechanical industries. EasyMatrixCode is a fully automatic reader of 2D Data Matrix codes. It recognizes symbols of any size, contrast, location and orientation in a single operation. Error detection and correction algorithms are used to provide a reliable reading. EasyMatrixCode is fully compatible with the ANSI/AIM BC11-1997 standard

EasyQRCode Description

QR codes are 2D bar codes. They are widely used for their fast readability, high reliability and their large storage capacity compared to ordinary barcodes. EasyQRCode is a robust QR code reading library for industrial applications such as part identification and product or time tracking. These applications typically require the fast and reliable decoding of variable-content QR codes.

EasyOCR Description

EasyOCR is a font-dependent printed character reader based on a template matching algorithm. It has been designed to read any kind of short text (part numbers, serial numbers, expiry dates, manufacturing dates, lot codes, printed on labels or directly on parts.

EasyOCR2 Description

EasyOCR2 is a font-dependent printed character reader. It has been designed to read short texts such as part numbers, serial numbers, expiry dates, manufacturing dates, lot codes, printed on labels or directly on parts.

EasyImage Description

EasyImage includes operations usually performed as pre-processing steps to improve the image quality and obtain a good contrast between the background and the objects to be inspected. EasyImage supports gray-level and color images. Selected morphology functions are also optimized for binary (1-bit per pixel) and bi-level images. EasyImage includes numerous image processing functions, such as enhancement and restoration by linear or non-linear filtering, arithmetic and logic operations, geometric transformations for image registration, histogram analysis for thresholding, projection,

Choose the most suitable Licensing System

Open eVision Dongle-based Licenses: Dongle-based Licenses offer the flexibility to be transferred from a PC to another. To purchase a Dongle-based License, select one of the Euresys dongles (USB or Parallel) plus the license(s) to be stored on this dongle. Licenses are delivered as activation codes, which are stored on the dongles. Open eVision Software-based Licenses: Software-based licenses do not require any dongle, they are linked to the PC on which they have been activated. Licenses are delivered as activation codes and can be managed online.

Note: No Euresys hardware is required for use of this software.  The software activation code will be linked to the PC once installed.








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