Euresys 4175 Open EasyQRCode for USB Dongle

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QR Code Reading Library

  • Automatic detection of the code in the image
  • Decodes model 1 and model 2 QR codes, all versions, all levels
  • Very fast operation
  • Impressive robustness to noise, blur and distortion
  • Error detection and correction
  • Rotation and flipping invariant


Main Features Typical Applications
Robust, for industrial use Part identification
Product or time tracking
Document management
  Tolerant to non-square cells
Tolerant to under or overprinted codes
Tolerant to low contrasted codes
Size and rotation invariant
Automatic extensive decoding
Data: Japanese Kanji, numeric, alphanumeric, Byte and mixed FNC1
Model 1 QR Codes, all Versions (1-14), All Levels
Model 2 QR Codes, all Versions (1-40), All Levels
MicroQR codes
Bit stream error correction using BCH

QR codes are 2D bar codes. They are widely used for their fast readability, high reliability and their larger storage capacity compared to ordinary barcodes.

EasyQRCode is a robust QR code reading library for industrial applications such as part identification and product or time tracking. These applications typically require the fast and reliable decoding of variable content QR codes.

EasyQRCode algorithms have been specifically optimized to read direct part marks. It supports the low contrast and distorted codes resulting from dot peening, laser marking, ink jet printing or electro-chemical etching on various materials.

EasyQRCode features automatic and extensive decoding of a broad variety of QR codes including codes with Kanji data or microQR codes. EasyQRCode complies with the ISO/IEC 18004 international standard (1, 2 and 2005).


Note: When placing order, please either also order this item with a Euresys USB Dongle (6512) or reference the serial number of an existing USB Dongle unit. Use of this Open eVision software does not require use of any Euresys hardware.













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