Euresys 4158 Open EasyFind for USB Dongle

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General purpose library for geometric pattern matching.

  • Pattern matching using a feature point technology
  • Fully automatic, fast and robust
  • Invariant to rotation and scaling
  • High tolerance to pattern degradation
  • Support of "don't care" areas
Main Features Typical Applications
Feature point technology Presence, absence
Fully automatic, fast and robust Alignment
Rotation and scaling invariant Pick and place
High tolerance to pattern degradation Printing industry
Don't care areas  
User-defined pivot point  


Based on an innovative feature-point technology, EasyFind is designed to rapidly find one or more instances of a reference model in the image. Compared to classical algorithms, EasyFind features faster processing and improved robustness. Euresys’ geometric pattern finder shows excellent performances when handling instances that are highly degraded due to noise, blur, occlusion, missing parts or unstable illumination conditions. With an adjustable accuracy up to sub-pixel level, EasyFind reports very precise information about the instances found, such as their location, rotation angle, scale and matching score. EasyFind supports don’t care areas. This feature allows the creation of complex pattern shapes.

Note: When placing order, please either also order this item with a Euresys USB Dongle (6512) or reference the serial number of an existing USB Dongle unit. Use of this Open eVision software does not require use of any Euresys hardware.












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