Euresys 4159 Open EasyGauge for USB Dongle

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General purpose sub-pixel Measurement & Dimension Control Library

  • Sub-pixel point location and edge fitting
  • Highly accurate and robust
  • Advanced and automatic calibration
  • Multiple gauge models
  • Measurement of position, orientation, size, curvature, distance
  • Interaction through graphical interface


Main Features Typical Applications
Sub-pixel point location and edge fitting Gauging applications
Highly accurate and robust Calibration metrology
Advanced and automatic calibration Assembly inspection
Multiple gauge models  
Position, orientation, size, curvature, distances  
Graphical model edition  


EasyGauge is a cutting-edge measurement and dimension control library for use in gauging and metrology applications. By relying on proven sub-pixel edge detection and shape fitting algorithms, it allows determining the dimension, position, curvature, size, angle or diameter of manufactured parts with an excellent accuracy. Robustness is ensured by powerful edge-point selection mechanisms that are intuitive and easy to tune, allowing measurement in cluttered images. In addition to these state-of-the-art features, EasyGauge also supports the automatic measurement of parallel sides, thus providing means of measuring the thickness of flat or bent objects, as well as the precise location of corners.

Note: When placing order, please either also order this item with a Euresys USB Dongle (6512) or reference the serial number of an existing USB Dongle unit. Use of this Open eVision software does not require use of any Euresys hardware.












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