Theia Technologies SY110M 1/2.5" 1.68mm F1.8 Manual Iris CS-Mount Lens, 3 Megapixel Rated, IR Corrected (Day/Night), <1% Distortion

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Format: 1/2.5"

Focal Length: 1.68mm

Aperture: F1.8

Iris Type: Manual Iris

Mount: CS-Mount


Additional Information

3 Megapixel Rated; IR Corrected (Day/Night); <1% Distortion; Focus Range: 10cm to Infinity.

Note: Due to the type of distortion correction technology used for Theia lenses, the initial image output will be inverted.  This is corrected by either doing an image flip through the camera software or by physically inverting the camera.

Theia's 110 series lenses provide ultra wide field of view without distortion. The lenses incorporate Theia's patented Linear Optical Technology® which allows an ultra wide field of view without barrel distortion found in other wide angle lenses not including Theia's technology. This rectilinear design allows increased resolution at the edges of the image thus increasing the probability of detection in security systems. The rectilinear design also eliminates the dewarping software requirement for many machine vision applications, improving MV system performance.

Similar to Theia's other lenses, the 110 series is a high quality lens designed to allow the installer to take full advantage of the high resolution of HD and multi megapixel cameras. The lens can be used on cameras up to five megapixel resolution giving a crisp image from edge to edge.

The lens is IR corrected for use with true Day/Night cameras. This IR correction focuses IR light from artificial illumination at the same plane as the visible light allowing the image to remain in focus when the Day/Night camera switches to night mode. Unlike lenses without IR correction, the night image will not be out of focus when using IR illumination.


Lens Field of view

Sensor Size
Sensor Diagonal
Sensor Format
Field of view (H)
94 °
110 °
120 °
Field of view (V)
78 °
94 °
Field of view (D)
107 °
122 °
130 °

Note: For 1/2.5" sensors, there may be some slightly dark corners depending on how well the sensor is aligned in the mount.