Theia Technologies ML410A-R5 1/1.7" 4-10mm F1.4 DC Auto-Iris C-Mount Lens, 4K Ultra HD, 12 MP Rated, Motorized with Limit Switch

TH ML410A-R5
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Theia Technologies ML410A-R6 1/1.7" 4-10mm F1.4 DC Auto-Iris C-Mount Lens, 4K Ultra HD, 12 Megapixel Rated, Motorized Zoom & Focus with Limit Switch for Zoom & Focus

Format: 1/1.7"

Focal Length: 4-10mm

Aperture: F1.4

Iris Type: DC Auto-Iris

Mount: C Mount

Theia's standard focal range for the ML410 (C mount) lens is designed for true 4K resolution.  With varifocal length from 4-10mm and superior imaging performance, the ML410 can be used with image sensors from 1/2.3" up to 1/1.7".   The lens is designed to be very compact so it can be used in small enclosures such as 4" domes.

Additional Information

12 Megapixel Rated; IR Corrected (Day/Night); 4K Ultra HD

Theia's SL410/ML410 lens is designed to be very compact and better image performance compared to competitive products.  This lens is designed for use on some of the new 4K box cameras for security and machine vision applications.  

The SL410 versions are available with motorized or manual iris and CS mount whereas the sister TL410 versions include motorized zoom and focus, photo interrupter limit switches, and board mount options.  The ML410 versions are available with C mount.  

Similar to Theia's other lenses, the SL410 series is a high quality lens designed to allow the installer to take full advantage of the high resolution of 4K, HD, and multi megapixel cameras.  The lens can be used on cameras up to 12 megapixel resolution giving a crisp image from edge to edge.  


Iris type Auto iris
Focal length 4-10mm varifocal
F/# F/1.4 to closed
Resolution true 4K resolution, 12 MP
IR correction -
Mount type C-mount
Image sensor size 1/2.3" up to 1/1.7"



pdf-icon.pngTechnical Specification Datasheet (PDF)





Motorized Lens Disclosure:


Please be aware that our motorized lenses are intended for integration into cameras and require motor drivers and controllers.  Typically Theia works with the camera manufacturer to ensure that the camera motor controller matches the lens.  We are worried that you or your customer may not know how to operate these lenses.   


It is possible for you or your customer to supply your own motor controller, but Theia cannot guarantee that your motor controller will not damage the lens.   Theia does not offer any warranty on the suitability of these motorized lenses for any particular camera.  For example, the connectors are not common for all cameras and may not work for yours.  These motorized lenses are not intended for continuous use of the motors as in PTZ applications.


Theia motors are step tested over the full zoom and focus range to be within an acceptable tolerance.  Theia cannot guarantee that zoom or focus set by the user can be mapped to a particular step within the range.  


Theia now offers motor control boards that are suitable to control only P-iris lens versions (see the lens specification for the relevant models).  




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