Tamron M13VG850IR 1/2.7" 8-50mm F1.6 DC Auto-Iris w/ 4-pin square connector CS-Mount, 3-Megapixel Rated, IR Corrected (Day/Night)

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Format: 1/2.7"

Focal Length: 8-50mm

Aperture: F1.6

Iris Type: AutoIris

Mount: CS-Mount

Adittional Information


The CS-Mount 1/3" (Applicable for 1/2.7 , 1/2.8) 8-50mm f/1.6-360 Aspherical Megapixel/IR Compatible Telescopic Varifocal Lens from Tamron incorporates an aspherical, XLD (Extra Low Dispersion) lens element and advanced optical design technology that delivers high-quality images. The lens uses a special glass material with a low dispersion close to fluorite lenses. The optimized focus lock screws ensure that the object being captured is not distorted. With a focal length of 8-50mm, the lens covers standard telescopic ranges, and with DC auto-iris. the lens is able to capture objects with accuracy.

  • High level of optical performance that offers 3MP compatibility
  • Use of an aspherical element, XLD (Extra Low Dispersion) lens, and advanced optical design technology delivers high-quality images
  • 3MP / Full HD 1080p resolution for visible light range
  • Delivers f/1.6 (wide) and f/2.0 (tele) levels of brightness
  • XLD lens (Extra Low Dispersion) lens element delivers even lower dispersion than existing LD (Low Dispersion) lenses using a special glass material with a low dispersion close to that of fluorite lenses
  • Delivers megapixel image quality from the near visible to IR spectrums
  • 8-50mm focal length covers standard telescopic ranges
  • Wide image circle that is compatible with 1/2.8" and 1/2.7" format sensors
  • Reduction in chromatic aberration for images with almost no color smear
  • Advanced design analysis techniques have been used to prevent reflections occurring on the lens surface, which affects image quality, while multiple-layer coating helps to produce clear images with minimal lens flare and ghosting
  • High-precision, high-quality structure designed to eliminate image degradation such as image displacement and one-sided blur