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Midwest Optical ND400 Neutral Density Filter - Absorptive 0.01% Transmission, 425-675nm Range

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ND400 absorptive neutral density filters have an optical density of 4.0, meaning that they transmit an average of 0.01% of visible light. Surprisingly, this amount of light passing through the filter is easily detectable by the human eye. Because the glass substrate is absorbing 99.99% of the light that passes into the filter, it is not recommended that these filters be used in laser applications or immediately in front of high wattage lamps.

  • Useful Range : 425-675nm
  • Optical Density : 4.0
  • Average Transmission: 0.01%
  • Tolerance : +/- 0.003%
  • Surface Quality : 40/20
Note: Midwest Optical filters are considered to be special order items and are thus not returnable.