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Midwest Optical BP850 Near-IR Bandpass Filte, 820-910nm Range, with StablEDGE

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Recommended when using high-power 830-850nm LED or laser diode lighting to improve contrast in surveillance applications or when inspecting in the infrared, this filter features high peak transmission and particularly durable, robust coatings. This filters coated surface also greatly inhibits staining due to year-round issues with heat, humidity, and/or air quality that affect uncoated infrared filters.

  • Useful Range : 820-910nm
  • FWHM : 160nm
  • Tolerance : +/- 10nm
  • Peak Transmission : ≥90%
  • Surface Quality : 40/20
  • Compatible LED : 840nm, 850nm


Note: Midwest Optical filters are considered to be special order items and are thus not returnable.


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