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Midwest Optical Bi450 Blue Interference Bandpass, 445-465nm Range

MWO Bi450
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Bi450 Blue Interference Bandpass filters are recommended for use with 450nm blue diode lasers and/or LED lighting. When precise illumination control is needed or similar blue wavelengths are also being simultaneously imaged with other cameras, Bi450 filters effectively block out almost all interference from other blue light sources as well as all other visible and near-IR wavelengths. These filters are also excellent for use in vegetative health monitoring applications where separate blue plus near-IR imaging sensors/cameras are used as opposed to the more traditional NDVI index applications that utilize red plus near-IR wavelengths.

  • Useful Range : 445-465nm
  • FWHM : 35nm
  • Tolerance : +/- 5nm
  • Peak Transmission : ≥88%
  • Surface Quality : 40/20


Note: Midwest Optical filters are considered to be special order items and are thus not returnable.


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