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Midwest Optical AC685 Acrylic NIR Longpass Filter, 710-1100nm Range, With StablEDGE

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AC685 IR Pass/Visible Block filter material is 2mm thick acrylic sheet with carefully controlled near-IR spectral properties. It can be laser cut according to customer specifications, and is typically mounted over full spectrum UV/Visible/IR lamp-based lighting to ensure that (mainly) infrared light reaches the subject while otherwise distracting visible light is effectively blocked.

*Not available in 1mm thickness or standard 25.4™ C-Mount option. For filters thicker than 1mm, we offer an alternative mounting solution that has an overall thickness of 5.5mm. This mount can accommodate filters up to 3.5mm thick.

  • Useful Range : 710-1100nm
  • Cut-on Wavelength 50% T : 685nm
  • Tolerance : +/- 10nm
  • Peak Transmission : ≥90%
  • Surface Quality : 80/50


Note: Midwest Optical filters are considered to be special order items and are thus not returnable.


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