Intercon IFC6-GEVPT-1.0-P High Flex 1-Meter Cat6A GigE Cable with Horizontal Thumbscrew Locking on One End

Intercon IFC6-GEVPT-1.0-P
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Industrial High Flex Cat6a Gig E cables are designed to interface Gig E and Gig E Vision cameras directly to a computer, eliminating the need for frame grabbers. IFC6-GEVPT is the solution for brutal applications that require more than the traditional CAT 6a cable can offer. Our unique overmold design provides increased strain relief. The thumbscrew locking feature ensures that the interface will remain secure despite motion and vibration. The double shielded design offers superior protection and performance. The high flex cable is designed to withstand 10 million + flexcycles. The durable TPE jacket provides additional protection from elements such as water, oil, and abrasion.