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  • Ikegami ISD-A15-TDN 1/3" CMOS (Pixim Seawolf sensor) Color CS-Mount Compact Cube Camera, NTSC, 768 H x 540 V, 520 TVL, Hyper WDR, True Day/Night, 24VAC / 12VDC

    Model #
    IK ISD-A15-TDN
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    Technical Information

    Resolution:  768 H x 540 V

    Imager Size: 1/3"

    Output: Analog (NTSC) (via BNC)

    Color/Monochrome: Color (with Day/Night)

    Mount: CS-Mount


    Additional Information

    As the newest addition to the Ikegami Hyper Dynamic Camera Series, model ISD-A15-TDN features an extremely wide light dynamic range, high sensitivity, and high resolution enabled by a 1/3-inch Pixim Seawolf sensor and Ikegami's digital processing technology.  It is a Hyper Wide Light Dynamic Range Box Camera that reproduces a clear and natural image even in locations where there is a significant difference in the intensity of illumination, such as window areas, or in lobby entrances of buildings. ISD-A15-TDN comes with a compact cube body of just W2.05 x H2.05 x D2.16 inches, giving it the flexibility for a broad array of locations and equipment, such as ATM machines and outdoor housings.  Lens sold separately.



    • Hyper Wide Light Dynamic Range (Hyper WDR)
      The Hyper WDR function provides for very effective compensation of high light and dark areas in screen. This situation may occur generally outside or viewing from indoor to outside scenes. Even in large light fluctuations, bright-and-dark objects can be captured and viewed clearly with a natural color.
    • Compact Body of Super Cube
      This camera comes with a compact cube body, that is suitable for the locations such as ATM machines.
    • Automatic White Balance
      Thanks to the automatic tracking white balance control (ATW), the white balance control adjusts itself no matter how great the subject's color temperature fluctuates.
    • High-quality Picture and High Resolution
      The camera is designed for smear-free imaging and low noise. The well-designed DSP, Digital Signal Processor, effectively enhances details, which achieves crisp and sharp images with a high signal-to-noise ratio. The high resolution of a horizontal resolution of 520 TVL (690 HTVL-Effective) is assured.
    • Automatic Sensitivity Control
      In addition to the wide dynamic control based on multi-sampling system, automatic sensitivity control function is provided. It helps achieve optimally bright images even with fixed iris lenses.
    • Scene File Function (4 positions)
      Along with a normal setting (NORMAL), 4 position scene file (preset file) for each particular scene is provided. Using this function enables an easy setup suitable for a scene without any special adjustment.
    • Focus EZ Function
      Thanks to the Level Indicator, a focusing point is visibly recognized. The auto iris lens aperture will be kept open, even in broad daylight. This ensures that an accurate focus can be set readily with the best depth of field.
    • TDN (True Day/Night) function
      ISD-A15-TDN (True Day Night) type contains a filter wheel (IR cut filter), which can enable the true Day/Night function.
    • Minimum Illumination Chart
      Mode Electronic
      Minimum Illumination
      Color OFF 50% 0.3Lx/F1.4
      ON (x32) 0.0094Lx/F1.4
      B/W OFF 25% 0.06Lx/F1.4
      ON (x32) 0.0018Lx/F1.4



    pdf-icon.pngISD-A15-TDN Datasheeet

    pdf-icon.pngISD-A15-TDN User Manual

    pdf-icon.pngISD-A15-TDN Spectral Response



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