Senko MFA2514-3M 2/3" 25mm F1.4 Manual Iris C-Mount Lens, M27 x 0.5 Filter Thread, 3 Megapixel Rated

SEN MFA2514-3M
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Format:  2/3"

Focal Length: 25mm

Aperture: F1.4

Iris Type: Manual

Mount: C-Mount


Additional Information

3 Megapixel Rated for Machine Vision.  M27 x 0.5 Filter Thread.  200 lp/mm resolution (center).

Note: This lens model has been successfully tested with the Sony IMX174 1/1.2" format sensor without any vignetting.  (Download Datasheet)


Type Manual Mono Mount C
Focal Length 25mm Back Focus 11.52mm
Fno. F 1.4 Mechanical Bf 10.696mm
Design Image Format 2/3" (6.6x8.8mm) Exit Pupil  
Operation Range Iris F 1.4 - 16 Filter Size M27 0=0.5
Focus 0.25m ~  Aperture Front  
Zoom N/A Rear  
Control Iris Manual    
Focus Manual Distortion  
Zoom N/A Relative Illum  
Object Size at MOD VXH   Dimention Ø29.5x38.9mm
MOD   Weight 56 g
Resolution Center 200 lp/mm Operating Temperature  -20°c~+55°c
0.4d 120 lp/mm    

Field of View

V  2/3" 15.04°   1/2"    1/3"  
H 19.98°    



Senko MFA2514-3M Datasheet

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