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iShot XBlock EM18751 HDMI Interface Board Kit for Sony FCB-EV Series and FCB-EH Series Cameras. Includes Cable Set

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Note: Sony industrial block cameras are designed to be OEM products and require integration with an interface board for allowing a specific HD video output type. This is not designed to be an end user type product. Sony industrial block cameras and interface boards are considered to be special order and as such are non-returnable.



  • HDMI Digital and Analog HD video output
  • 1080p/60 with Sony FCB-EV7500 and FCB-EV7100
  • 1080p/30 with Sony FCB-EH6300, FCB-EH6500
  • 720p/60 with Sony FCB-EV5500 and FCB-EH3150
  • 1080p/60 with Panasonic GP-MH330-2S, GP-MH326-2S, GP-MH322-2S
  • Video format selection with micro switches
  • 6 x keyswitch channels for zoom & memory control
  • TTL or RS232 SONY VISCA dialog level
  • 6 to 12 VDC protected power supply for interface and camera



iShot® HDMI Interface Board Kit provides HD video output up to 1080p/60 when integrated with Sony FCB-EV7500 and FCB-EV7100 . 1080p/30 with Sony FCB-EH6300 and FCB-EH6500. 720p/60 with Sony FCB-EV5500 and FCB-EH3150.


Items Included

iShot® HDMI Interface Board Kit includes;
  • HDMI Interface board 1.3 TW
  • Right angle black anodized aluminium bracket and screws
  • Analog camera link 24 pins FCC, 150 mm long
  • Digital camera link USL20-30SS-005-C Cable assembly
  • Power input wires 2 ways harness, 200mm long for power connector ( J4 )
  • Analog HD output wires 10 ways & 7 ways harnesses, 200mm long for HD video / com signal connector ( J5 &J6)