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Sentech STC-CMB120ACXP 1.76" CMOS (CMOSIS CMV12000) Progressive Scan Cased Monochrome Camera, 12 Megapixels, 4096 H x 3072 V, 180 fps, F-Mount, CoaXPress

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Technical Information

Resolution:  4096 H x 3072 V 

Imager Size: 1.76" (CMOSIS CMV12000)

Output: CoaXPress

Color/Monochrome: Monochrome

Mount: F-Mount


Additional Information


Sentech STC-CMB120ACXP 1.76" CMOS (CMOSIS CMV12000) Progressive Scan Cased Monochrome Camera, 12 Megapixels, 4096 H x 3072 V, 180 fps, F-Mount, CoaXPress


  • CMOS Sensor (Global Shutter)
  • CoaXPress (CXP) Interface
  • Maximum 180 fps on 12 megapixel (8bit)

Electronic Specifications

Imager: 1.76” Type 12Meg monochrome progressive CMOS (CMOSIS: CMV12000)

Shutter: Global Shutter

Active picture elements: 4096 (H) x 3072 (V)

Chip size: 22.5 × 16.9 mm

Cell size: 5.5 (H) x 5.5 (V) µm

Scanning system Progressive

Scanning method: Full scanning, Variable ROI

Frame rate: 180fps (8bit 4-Lane)

Video Output Interface: CXP-6(6.25Gbps) 4 Lane

Noise level - 8bit: ≤ TBD Digit (Gain 0 dB)

Minimum scene illumination: TBD Lux at F2.25

Sync. System: Internal

Shutter speed: 16[us] to 16[s]

Gain Digital: 1 to x5

Gain Analog: x1,x2,x3

Trigger Mode: Free Run / Edge Preset Trigger / Pulse Width Trigger / CXP Tigger Packet

Communication Protocol: CoaXPress Standard Version 1.1 Interface: GenIcam

ROI: Adjustable Steps for image size: 16 pixels in horizontal direction and 4 lines in vertical direction


Binning: N/A

HDR: Support

Pixel Defect Correction: Support

Vertical Line Correction Support

Input Source: PoCXP, (IO connector CH1 Only) *1

Input voltage: TBD (18.5Vdc to 26Vdc (24V Nominal))

Consumption: TBD

Mechanical specifications

Dimensions: 68 (W) x 68 (H) x 40 (D) mm (Excluding the connector)

Optical filter: No IR cut filter

Material: Aluminum alloy

Lens mount: M42×P1.0, FB = 10.0mm (in Air)

Interface connector: CXP connector (camera: DIN1.0/2.3, Jack x 4, 75Ω) Power/IO connector: HR10A-7R-6PB (Hirose) or equivalent

Weight: TBD

Environmental specifications

Operational temperature: TBD (-5 to 40 deg. C)

Storage temperature: TBD (-30 to 65 deg. C)

Vibration: 20Hz to 200Hz to 20Hz (5min./cycle), acceleration 10G, XYZ 3 directions 30 min.

Shock: Acceleration 38G, half amplitude 6ms, XYZ 3 directions 3times each each)

Standard compliancy: EMS: EN61000-6-2, EMI: EN55022 (Class B) (To be obtained)

RoHS: RoHS, REACH compliance


Compatible CoaXPress Frame Grabbers: Euresys Coaxlink