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Ricoh H55ZC-ME-F-HD-PR01 (CD) 1/2" 12-1680mm (w/ Electronic 2.5x) F4.0 Motorized Zoom & Focus w/ Video Auto-Iris C-Mount Lens, Presets, Manual Override, 2 MP (HD), RS-232/RS-422/RS-485, Auto-Focus , PAIR, Image Stabilization, Fog Reduction

Model #
Typically 2-3 weeks

Technical Information

Due to the discontinued sales and distribution of all Ricoh security lens product, orders can no longer be accepted. View Press Release. 

Please contact us if you like assistance in finding a similar lens.

Format: 1/2"

Focal Length:  12-1660mm (with built-in 2x)

Aperture: F4.0

Iris Type: Video Auto-Iris (with Manual Override)

Mount: C-Mount


Ricoh H55ZC-ME-F-HD-PR01 (CD) 1/2" 12-660mm (30-1680mm w/ Electronic 2.5x) F4.0 Motorized Zoom & Focus w/ Video Auto-Iris C-Mount Lens, Presets (Zoom & Focus), Manual Override, 2 Megapixel (HD), RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 Serial Control, Auto-Focus, Image Stabilization, Fog & Particle Reduction

Full HD compatible ultra-telephoto 55x motorized zoom lens

55x Zoom lens with Ricoh Atmospheric Interference Reduction, full HD resolution (1080 p), preset, and manual override, with RS232, RS422, RS485 interface, for C- and CS- mount.

Upgraded optics compatible with Full HD!
Introduction of the latest model with all new optics in order to achieve Full HD camera compatibility, and higher image quality.

CCTV lens for surveillance cameras capable of recording in Full HD

  • Ultra-telephoto lens ensures visibility of even distant subjects
  • Compatible with advanced surveillance systems
  • Compatible with presets
  • Controllable by computer with serial communications


Format Size 1/2,1/2.7,1/3"format
Focal Length 12~660mm(30.5~1,680mm)
Max. Aperture Ratio 1:4.0(f=12mm)~18.2(f=1,680mm)
Iris Range F4.0~F360
Mount C
Angle of View
1/3"format 23.0~0.4°(9.0~0.2°)
1/2"format 31.1~0.6°(12.1~0.2°)
Min. Object Distance 7.0 m
Back Focal Length 80.933 mm
Filter size 105 P=1.0 mm
Dimensions 155×138×355 mm
Weight 5,980 g
Remarks Built-in 2.5X extender, Preset, Auto-Iris with Manual Override(with D/A converter)
Atmospheric Interference Reduction function: Fog reduction, Image stabiliser, Auto Focus




H55ZC-ME-F-HD-PR01 Data sheet (PDF)


H55ZC-ME-F-HD-PR01 Brochure (PDF)

Full HD compatible ultra-telephoto 55x motorized zoom lens Demo movie

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