Picolo.net 1680 HD8R Eight-Input HD-SDI Rack-Mount Low-Latency IP Video Encoder

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Picolo.net HD8R

Eight-input HD-SDI rack-mount low-latency IP video encoder

At a glance

  • Stream video from 8 Full HD (1080p30) or HD (720p60) HD-SDI cameras over an IP network
  • 83ms wire-to-wire latency when used with the Picolo.net LLD2 decoder
  • ONVIF Profile S interface for interoperability with major Video Management Software
  • High-quality H.264 encoder, up to 3 encoded streams per camera
  • Optional audio modules


Stream HD video from standard HD-SDI cameras over an IP network

  • HD-SDI uses the same coaxial cables as analog and delivers high-definition digital video over at least 100 meters of standard RG59 cable
  • HD-SDI is as easy to install and maintain as analog CCTV systems

83ms wire-to-wire latency between Picolo.net encoder and Picolo.netLLD2 decoder

In the video world, the time lag between the instant a frame is captured and the instant that frame is displayed is called glass-to-glass latency. Research has shown that an operators ability to accurately perform precision manual tasks or surgical tasks decreases when glass-to-glass latency exceeds a 300 to 500 ms range. Euresys can now reduce the glass-to-glass latency to less than 100ms in full HD, in specific conditions with a dedicated decoder. Euresys has recently developed a low latency video encoder, designed for remote control of industrial processes in critical or hazardous areas. With the Picolo.net encoder, operators will be able to control machines, cranes or robots from afar with an improved response time, thanks to the advanced technologies implemented to stream full HD video over an IP network.

High-quality H.264 encoder with up to three streams per camera

  • H.264 is efficient: Up to 40 cameras can stream low-latency video over a Gigabit Ethernet network
  • The highest quality HD video can be streamed, viewed, analyzed and stored anywhere on an IP network
Form Factor Stand alone device
Housing Aluminum housing
Mounting Short and long brackets included in order to fit all 19-in racks
Dimensions L 433.20 mm x H 43.7 mm x D 203 mm without brackets

L 482.61 mm x H 43.7 mm x D 203 mm with brackets

(Dimensions excluding cable connector plugs)
Weight 2.88 kg, 6.35 lb, without option modules and without brackets

Add 50 g, 0.11 lb, for long brackets

Add 100 g, 0.22 lb,for Cooling module option

Add 20 g, 0.044 lb, for each Audio Module option


pdf-icon.png Picolo.net HD8R Datasheet

pdf-icon.png PC1680 Picolo.net HD8R Handbook



Audio Module option for Picolo.net HD4, HD8R 1670
Cooling Module option for Picolo.net HD8R 1681



Power Supply for Picolo.net HD8R 1659
Power Cable (US) for Power Supply 1658, 1659 1661


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