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Midwest Optical Systems LA120 Light Balancing Filter (Minus Blue +)

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Technical Information

Recommended for use with white 6500ºK LEDs

Use with white LEDs
After considerable testing, we found these single substrate, hard-coated filters to be preferred for use with white LED lighting when accurate color rendering is desired. White LEDs typically have a steep blue "spike" that results in a strong overall bluish cast to the subject being illuminated. Not only can this be disconcerting, poor color rendition may result in difficulties in some color inspection applications.

While there currently are “warm white” LED lighting options available, they are significantly more expensive, have significantly lower output, a shorter lifetime, and often a slight bluish tint still remains. Using only an LA120 filter over the camera lens with standard, less expensive white LEDs works just as well and is far more cost effective.

This same benefit can be seen when using an LA120 filter in subjects illuminated with some metal halide and mercury lighting as well. 

Passes 500nm+
Absorbs UV and blue 200-500nm
Reduces 400-500nm

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