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Midwest Optical Systems BP470 Blue Bandpass/UV Block Filter

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Technical Information

Recommended for use with 470nm blue LEDs
and for UV fluorescence imaging

BP470 filters are recommended for use in most blue LED (~470nm) and many UV-excited blue fluorescence (430-500nm) imaging applications. Important for both applications is the breadth of the bandwidth. In the case of blue LEDs, frequent variations in center wavelengths and angles of incidence can easily be accommodated. BP470 ABSORBS lower wavelengths (e.g., UV) and REFLECTS longer wavelengths (e.g., 500-1150nm). This material does not auto-fluoresce.

For typically weak blue fluorescence applications, it is important to be able to detect as much of the blue emission as possible while effectively blocking all of the UV light. Since more than 90% of all industrial UV fluorescence applications involve imaging a blue-colored “glow,” it can be summarized that most applications involving a UV light REQUIRE the use of a BP470 filter. Without this filter, it is virtually impossible to successfully image the desired feature.