MCS100 Lite Video and Data Acquisition, Recording and Processing Software for up to 2 Cameras

MCS100 Lite
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All modern camera interfaces are supported: USB-VisionGigE-VisionCoaXPressCLHS.

Our customers successfully use our software with non-camera devices like Lidars, Sensors and other data sources.


The software supports various configurations: Single camera with single computer, Multiple cameras with single computer, multiple cameras with multiple computers.


This software enables a user to have full remote control of the acquisition system over a network. You get exactly the same experience running the control application locally on a main machine or remotely from a laptop or a tablet.


Modern, simple and very intuitive user interface lets even novice user to start working with the software right away.


The software is super optimized keeping CPU load very low thus relaxing system requirements and allowing customers to save on their system cost or have more CPU cycles for their own processing plugins they can develop with our SDK.


It's cross platform – run Linux on a acquisition machine and control it from your Windows laptop; or just have completely Windows-based system.






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