iShot Xblock EM15552 IP Ethernet Interface Board Kit For Sony FCB-EV Series & XBC-KZ10 Cameras, Full HD 1080p/60 H.264 IP Encoder Module

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iShot Xblock EM15552 IP Ethernet Interface Board Kit For Sony FCB-EV Series & XBC-KZ10 Cameras, Atomas Mini LVDS, Full HD 1080p/60 H.264 IP Encoder Modules


Note: Sony industrial block cameras are designed to be OEM products and require integration with an interface board for allowing a specific HD video output type. This is not designed to be an end user type product. Sony industrial block cameras and interface boards are considered to be special order and as such are non-returnable.



  • Glueless connection to SONY FCB Zoom blocks
  • High profile H.264 video compression
  • IP video streaming at up to 1080p60
  • Local recording to SD card
  • Onvif Profile S compliant
  • Web-based administrative user interface
  • 7VDC to 12VDC power input range
  • Optional microSD break-out module
  • Low latency IP video streaming
  • On-board RTC and hardware watchdog


Direct-Connect to Sony FCB Zoom Block

The ATOMAS Mini LVDS is designed for direct connection to SONY’s line of FCB zoom camera blocks, such as the FCB-EV7500, with a form factor allowing for easy integration on the back or the side of the camera block. The video interface via LVDS provides for the highest level of digital video quality while maintaining ease of integration to your mechanical design.

High Performance Video Engine

The ATOMAS Mini LVDS features a powerful video codec engine capable of generating multiple H.264 IP video streams at different quality settings. For instance, in dual streaming, it can generate a primary stream at full HD (1080p60) as well as a secondary stream at D1 30 FPS - and with a latency of less than 120ms.

Full Embedded Software Stack

The ATOMAS Mini LVDS comes with an extensive list of embedded software functions including: RTSP streaming, administrative web interface, Onvif Profile S, local recording, mobile viewer for smartphones and tablets.

Target Applications

  • Video surveillance cameras
  • Industrial image processing
  • Handheld or mobile devices
  • UAV / military application



Downloadable Datasheet: