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iShot XBlock EM13360 Atomas DUO HDMI Kit for 4K Sony FCB-ER8550, FCB-ER85030, and FCB-ER8320 Cameras

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Note: Sony industrial block cameras are designed to be OEM products and require integration with an interface board for allowing a specific HD video output type. This is not designed to be an end user type product. Sony industrial block cameras and interface boards are considered to be special order and as such are non-returnable.



• Direct Connection to Sony 4K FCB-ER8550, Sony FCB-ER8530, Sony FCB-ES8230

• Support for a secondary video input / camera

• H.265 (HEVC), H.264 and MJPEG video compression

• Max 4K@30FPS (3840x2160) + Max 1080p@30FPS

• Full zoom block control (VISCA, etc)

• Onvif Profile T

• 7VDC to 17VDC power input range

•Optional On-board PoE support

• Optional Wi-Fi support




The ATOMAS-DUO-HDMI w/ POE encoder platform is a feature-rich IP camera video encoder solution for a wide 
range of single or multi camera designs.

The compact form factor of the ATOMAS-DUO-HDMI platform makes it especially well suited for 
integration to dual camera systems with a primary 4K zoom block and a secondary video source 
(digital or analog) such as a thermal camera.

Designed for 4K

Supports H.265 (HEVC) video encoding at up to 4K 30FPS to convert any 4K HDMI source into a fully 
integrated IP solution. Full Compatibiliy with Sony 4K FCB-ER8550, Sony FCB-ER8530, Sony FCB-ES8230

VISCA Protocol

Fully compatible with SONY’s VISCA protocol, allowing for direct connect / control of practically 
all of SONY’s zoom blocks.

Software Stack

Fully functional embedded software stack including Onvif Profile T and a multitude of customizable 

Advanced Features

Features such as WiFi, on-board PoE and local recording allow for integration into a variety of 
custom camera solutions.

Thermal Imaging - Secondary digital input for FLIR Boson Thermal Camera




Standard/Integrated Interfaces


  • 1x10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet (Gbe)
  • optional Wi-Fi Bluetooth


I/O & Audio

  • 2x I/O Inputs, 1x I/O Output
  • 3x PWM GPIO 2 x Serial Ports (UART+RS422/485) 1x i2c for external board control
  • On-board microSD socket 2-ch Audio Line In + 2-ch Audio Line Out


Primary Video Input

  • 30-pin HDMI interface (KELUSL00-30L)
  • Matches SONY specifications
  • micro HDMI interface (MOLEX46765-2001)


Secondary Video Input

  • 30-pin multi-purpose interface (KELUSL00-30L)
  • Supports multiple digital video formats
  • Compatible with FLIR Boson/Quad SD modules
  • Optional Composite video input interface


Video Performance

  • Video Resolution Supports sensor inputs at up to 4KUHD 
  • Video Compression H.265(HEVC)/H.264(MPEG-4AVC)/MJPEG 
  • Video Latency Can reach less than120ms latency
  • Image Processing 2D/3D Noise Reduction, Edge enhancement, Frame Difference Motion Detection, Privacy masks 



  • Operating System Embedded Linux 
  • HW Watchdog Auto-boot, OS supervision, temperature monitoring, software monitoring 
  • Other Real time Clock(RTC) &  Temperature Sensor 


Web GUI 

  • System configuration and maintenance, Live video and PTZ control Cross-browser support, Smartphone and tablet support 
  • Programming Interface ION API, ONVIF ProfileT, Genetec API
  • System Monitoring   Video signal, storage medium, temperature, memory, CPU, network
  • Media Recording Recorded audio/ video to SD/MMC 
  • Software Update Fault-tolerant, Remote accessible
  • Alarm Triggers  I/O input, Motion Detection, System Monitor 
  • PTZ Control Full PTZ Control implantation, Interface to any PTZ controller (i2c,  UART), Programmable Preset Tours, User Defined Customer Commands
  • Other Features Email notifications (on event or schedule) Text overlay
  • OEM rebranding/customization



  • Internal 1GB NAND Flash
  • External Storage via microSD



  •   3.3 VDC power output (max.100mA) 
  •   5 VDC power output(max.500mA) 



  • Dimensions 52mm x 60mm x 8mm (WxDxH) 
  • Power Input 7 VDC to 17 VDC
  • (with VBAT for RTC) with, optional on-board PoE(802.3af) 
  • Operating Temp Dependent on Customer Mechanical Design, Most Componenta are -40C to 85C (Tcase)
  • COO Designed and manufactured in Canada



  • 2 Years Standard 


Download Datasheet: