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  • Infrared Laboratories TriWave CORE IRL A500-008-USB 1/2" Monochrome CMOS SWIR/NIR/Visible C-Mount Camera, VGA, 640 H x 480 V, 300-1600nm Spectral Response, USB 2.0 Digital Output & Composite NTSC Output, w/o Casing and Cooling Fan, Research Grade

    Model #
    TriWave CORE IRL A500-008-USB-SG
    Typically 1-2 Weeks
    Discontinued - No Longer Available

    Technical Information

    Resolution:  640 H x 480 V

    Imager Size: 1/2"

    Output: USB2.0 & Composite

    Color/Monochrome: Monochrome

    Mount: C-Mount


    Additional Information

    Purchase of this TriWave CORE IRL A500-008-USB-SG camera includes the following: Software Developer's Kit (SDK), USB cable, power supply (120V-240V), and heavy duty carrying case.  Lens sold separately.

    TriWave: Low-cost SWIR/NIR/VIS Camera

    The TriWave camera provides broad-spectrum SWIR/NIR/VIS imaging at a cost that is lower than cameras using InGaAs and other SWIR sensor technologies.

    TriWave CORE Features

    • Low-cost 300 - 1600 nm responsivity
    • 10 um pixel pitch
    • 640 X 480 camera format
    • Convenient USB 2.0 interface

    TriWave is useful as a low-cost SWIR imager for semiconductor, medical, biological, and night surveillance applications or for applications that require simultaneous detection of visible and infrared light.

    Ge-enhanced CMOS Image Sensor

    The heart of the TriWave camera is a unique Ge-enhanced CMOS image sensor that was developed by NoblePeak Vision Corporation.

    Most SWIR imagers use an expensive hybrid construction which combines a CMOS readout circuit with a photodetector array made from materials such as InGaAs, InSb, or HgCdTe. The photodetector array and CMOS readout are fabricated on different wafers using different processes. Then the array and readout die are carefully aligned and bonded using an array of indium bumps to electrically connect each detector element with the readout circuit.

    The TriWave process is different. The TriWave process directly grows Ge detector elements on the wafer of CMOS readout circuits. Ge photodetectors are sensitive to a broader wavelength spectrum than the Si detectors used in common CMOS cameras, and the Ge response extends deeper in the infrared. Unlike InGaAs, Ge is also sensitive to visible wavelengths and near-UV. The result is a single camera that can detect light from NUV, through visible, NIR, and into the SWIR band – at a lower cost and smaller pixel pitch than typical InGaAs cameras.


    Pixel Pitch 10 μm
    Active Array Size (1/2” format) 640x480 (6.4 mm x 4.8 mm) VGA
    Spectral Response at -80C 300 to 1600nm
    Temporal Dark Noise -80C 33msec exposure (+25C 130μsec exposure) 16 e- (79 e-)
    Read Noise with Gain = 1, -80C (+25C) 11 e- (37 e-)
    ADC Resolution 12 bits
    Operability (uncorrected/corrected) (>98% / 100%)
    Dynamic Range Gain=1, full exposure, -80C 61 dB
    Analog Gains 0.5, 1, 2, 4
    Well Depth (Gain=4 / Gain=1 / Gain=.5) 6,250 e- / 25,000 e- / 50,000 e-
    Exposure Times @ 30 fps (frame rates: 1.875, 3.75, 7.5, 15, 30) 33 ms to 143 μs
    Outputs Available:  Analog
    Composite NTSC
    USB 2.0: 12-bit video, 8-bit preview
    Signal Corrections Available Dark Frame Subtraction
    Bad Pixel Mask
    Static & Dynamic Gain Equalization


    Mechanical & Power
    Weight with no lens (Core/TriWave) 0.668 kg / 1.44 kg
    Physical Dimension (Core/TriWave) 69 x 70 x 132 nm / 115 x 100 x 170 mm
    Lens Mount C-Mount
    Operating Temperature (ambient) -10º C to 40º C
    AC Adapter Supplied 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
    DC Power Supply 12 VDC, (2 Amps, peak) (1.5 Amps nominal)


    WARNING:  The TriWave camera is subject to export regulation by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). Buyers are required to comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the United States regarding the export of this product.




    Note: This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.


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