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Ikegami RCU-801 Control Unit for Remote Set-Up of ICD-879, ICD-809 & ISD-A21 Series Cameras. Allows for Maximum 500 Meters Cable Distance Between CCU and Camera, with Control Over PC via RS-232.

IK RCU-801
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The RCU-801 unit is a control box for camera set-ups for various parameters using OSD (On-Screen-Display).  This may be done not by using not only conventional video coax cable connection controls, but also by the provision for RS-232C link application.   RCU-801 is DC12V or AA battery operated and this control box makes camera set-up and adjustment work very easy and effortless - especially in difficult places for camera installation.


  • Applicable Cameras: ICD-8X8, ICD-8X9, ISD-A21 Series.
    The following models can be applied but not thru RS-232C control.
    ICD-700, 703, 703W, 803, 374 or 870.
  • Camera Connected : 1 unit
  • Input Signal : Composite video signal of connected camera
  • Output Signal: VBS 1.0Vp-p/75ohms
  • Cable Extension between unit and camera : Max. 500m (with 5C-2V cable)