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Ikegami IEN-200HD HDTV/SDTV Network Video Encoder, H.264 or MJPEG Video Compression, HD-SDI or SD Detected Automatically, 1080i/720p/480i/575i Video Inputs

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The Ikegami IEN-200HD and IDE-200HD are HDTV/SDTV Network Video Encoder and Decoder and utilize H.264 Video Compression and Analog and Embedded Audio Compression. The IEN-200HD accepts HD-SDI or SD-SDI Video which is 1080i(50/59.94), 720p(50/59.94), 480i(59.94) or 575i(50). 

Ikegami IDE-200HD Product Details (sold separately).


IEN-200HD Encoder
  • HD-SDI or SD-SDI can be detected automatically.
  • H.264 or JPEG Video Compression.
  • AAC-LC 64Kbps Audio Compression.
  • Constant Bit Rate (CBR) or Variable Bit Rate (VBR).
  • Image Size/Frame Rate/Bit Rate can be optimized.
  • Privacy Mask Function.
  • SD Card Access to store the Video.
  • AC24V/DC12V/PoE Power Requirements.