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Hitachi KP-HD20AV 1/3" 2.55 Megapixel Compact HDTV Color Camera, 1080p at 30 fps, 1080i at 60 fps, HD-SDI and NTSC/PAL Outputs, High Sensitivity, Supports DC & Video Auto-Iris, CS-Mount, 12 VDC

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Will be available in January 2020
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Technical Information

1. Product Outline

Single-Sensor camera KP-HD20AV is full HD color camera of small size, high sensitivity,
high performance which use the latest digital code processing.
Imaging sensor is high sensitive 1/2.86 MOS sensor of 2.4 mega effective pixels.
The adoption of the latest digital video signal processing technology enables the
convenience like the conventional analog camera using the coaxial cable transmission that is
a low delay, and it enables the high-definition image more.
Because KP-HD20AV includes various functions such as power over coaxial (exclusive
multiunit MU-HD101 is necessary), coaxial long distance transmission function (HD-VLC),
multi format output, automatic iris control, automatic white control, it is most suit able for
CCTV system.


2. Key feature

(1) Full HD
2.4 mega pixels of new 1/2.86 high sensitive MOS sensor enabled a high-definition picture by the frame rate 29.97/25 fps progressive movement.

(2) Miniature/ lightweight/ multifunction
Multifunction in the housing of 44mm x 44mm x 57.5mm approximately 160g
Long distance transmission function, Automatic iris function et al.

(3) Full HD coaxial cable long distance transmission
It can transmit full HD image at a long distance with coaxial cable.(*Transmission distances are different with the kind of the coaxial cable.)

(4) Multi-format output
The worldwide multi-format output (1080 29.97p/ 25p/ 59.94i/ 50i)

(5) Power over coaxial
A simple system configuration is possible by power over coaxial one cable connection.


3. Specifications

(1) Imaging method : HDTV(16:9) 1080 29.97p/25p

(2) Imaging device : 1/2.86 MOS (RGB Bayer color)
Total pixels : 1981(H) X 1288(V)
Effective pixels : 1944(H) x 1212(V)

(3) Effective imaging area : 5.346(H) x 3.333(V) mm
Unit cell size : 2.75(H) x 2.75(V) μm

(4) Sync system : Internal

(5) Video output : SDI HD-SDI/ HD-VLC* (Mode selectable) 0.8Vp-p/75Ω BNC type
*Exclusive multiunit MU-HD101 (option) is necessary for the use of HD-VLC mode.
Output format 1080 29.97p/59.94i/25p/50i VBS 1.0Vp-p/75Ω BNC type
Output format NTSC/PAL

(6) S/N ratio : More than 50dB (LENS close, AGC: 0dB, DETAIL: -128, Pedestal:5)

(7) Resolution : Horizontal resolution More than 800 TV line

(8) Subject illumination range : 0.01 to 100000 lux (At the time of F1.2 Automatic iris lens use)

(9) Minimum illumination : 0.01 lux (F1.2 AGC:66dB, Gamma: High)

(10) AGC : PRESET GAIN (0 to 66dB, appox. 1dB step setting) AGC LIMIT(MAX GAIN 0 to 66dB, appox. 1dB step setting)

(11) Electronic shutter speed : 1/30 (1/25)、1/50、1/100、1/250、1/500、1/1000、1/2,000、1/5,000、1/10,000、1/20,000 (1/15,000)、1/40,000 (1/30,000)、AES ( ) PAL mode

(12) Light control : AVERAGE/PEAK
Photometry area : Choice is possible from 9 areas

(13) Automatic iris lens control : Video signal input method/ Diaphragm control voltage input method(Galvanometer method)

(a) Video signal input method (VIDEO)
Video signal : 1.0Vp-p/High impedance
Power : 12V DC 60mA or less
(b) Diaphragm control voltage input method (Galvanometer method) (DC)
Impedance specifications

Damper : 1150Ω ± 10%
Drive : 190Ω ± 10%
The recommended lens lists a model in the instruction manual.
Connector : Square shape 4pin(JEITA)

(14) White balance control
ATW(NORMAL) : Automatic tracking mode (2500K to 8000K)
ATW(SPECIAL) : 2500K to 10000K or Special illumination mode
MANUAL : Adjust white mode by control blue and red gain
AWB : Holding white balance mode

(15) Title : It is possible to alphanumeric character 22 characters.
Position of the characters are up or down of the screens.

(16) Scene file function : FILE1 – FILE5 can store various setting.

(17) Picture adjustment menu : Various picture adjustment and mode select are possible

(1) Chroma level adjustment
(2) Detail adjustment
(3) Black level adjustment
(4) Gamma setting (OFF/ON/HIGH)
(5) KNEE setting/KNEE detail setting (SLOPE1,2/POINT1,2)
(6) MASKING setting/MASKING detail setting R, Y, G, Cy, B, Mg Saturation adjustment R, Y, G, Cy, B, Mg Phase adjustment
(7) INITIALIZE (Restoring the setting to the factory condition)

(18) Remote control : RS-232C

(19) Supply voltage : DC12V±10%/ Power over coaxial from MU-HD101

(20) Power consumption : Approximately 400mA, 4.8W

(21) Lens mount : CS/C mount (C mount adaptor is option.)
Screw-style flange back adjustment mechanism

(22) Camera mount : Tripod adaptor attachment (1/4 20UNC)

(23) Ambient temperature/humidity: -10℃ to +50℃/30 to 80%RH

(24) Storage temperature/humidity: -20℃ to +60℃/20 to 90%RH

(25) Shock resistant : Less than 29.4m/s2 10 to 200Hz XYZ direction for each 30 minutes(Please do not add strong vibration for long time.)

(26) External dimension : 44(W)x 44(H)x 57.5(L)mm (Remove lens and protrusion)

(27) Mass : Approximately 160g±10%(Remove a lens)

(28) Component : Camera(Tripod adaptor attachment) x1 Operation manual x1

(29) Option : Various Lens
Lens plug (E4-191J-100)
Remote plug (HR10A-7P-4P(01))
C mount adapter (LA-D20AB)
Power plug (R03-P3F)
Multiunit (MU-HD101/MU-HD104)

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