HIKROBOT MVL-MF1620M-5MP 2/3" 16mm F2.0 Manual Iris C-Mount Lens, 5 MP Rated, M.O.D.: 0.1m

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Discontinued!  Limited Availability! Replacement model MVL-MF1628M-8MP


HIKRobot MVL-MF1620M-5MP 2/3" 12mm F2.0 Manual Iris C-Mount Lens, 5 Megapixel Rated, Angle (H x V): 40.2°x 30.6°, OP Distortion: -1.01%, Minimum Object Distance: 0.08m

  • High resolution, support minimum pixel size of 3.45 μm.
  • Compact shape with excellent anti-vibrant ability and high and low temperature performance.
  • Maximum image circle of 2/3'', support 5MP (2/3'') cameras.
  • Low distortion.
  • Support ultra short working distance, maintain good optical performance in the whole area.
  • Surface multilayer coating, assure the pass rate of visible light band.
  • Full range production, with focal length from 8 to 75 mm.
Model No. MVL-MF1620M-5MP
Type f16mm, F2.0-F16, 2/3”, 5MP Lens
Focal Length 16mm
Aperture F2.0-F16
Image Circle Φ11mm (2/3")
OP-Distortion -0.28%
Field of View D: 37.8° H: 30.8° V: 23.5°
M.O.D 0.1m
Flange Back Length 17.526mm
Filter Thread M27*0.5
Interface C-Mount
Dimension Φ29*44.93mm


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