Euresys 1168 Domino Harmony Video Capture Board, PCI

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Input: HD15

Bus: PCI

# Cameras: 2 Monochrome or 1 RGB (Color)


Domino Harmony

Frame grabber for two single-tap or one RGB non-standard analog cameras

At a glance

  • Triple 10-bit 40 MHz A/D converter
  • 64-bit 66 MHz PCI bus
  • D³ technology for extremely low synchronization jitter
  • Support for mega-pixel progressive-scan and interlaced cameras, asynchronous reset and exposure control
  • Trigger, strobe and general purpose I/O lines

Euresys 1168 Harmony Video Capture Board, Domino Series, one RGB or two monochrome cameras, four 10-bit 40 MHz A/D converter, 32-Mbyte frame buffer, two DMA channels, PCI bus 64 bits, 66 MHz,





Datasheet (PDF)


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