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Tamron Introduces 1.1" Format 50mm Lens For 12 Megapixel Camera

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Tamron has introduced the first lens model in a new series of 1.1" format 12 megapixel rated C-Mount lenses.  The M111FM50 is a 1.1" 50mm F1.8 manual iris C-Mount lens, locking screws for focus and iris, M49 x P0.75 filter thread, 12 megapixel rated.  It will support cameras using imagers as small as a 3.1µm pixel pitch - providing a high level of resolution and performance.

Main Features

  • High Resolving Power
    • Industry-leading resolving power optimally tuned for 3.1µm pixel pitch 1.1" imagers renders high-fidelity images equivalent to 12MP resolution.
  • Image Quality Prioritized for Closer Distance Range
    • The superb image quality at the most commonly used closer distance range is achieved in line with the design philosophy that has been demonstrated in our current FA-series lenses.
  • Operational Ease
    • Smooth rotation torque of both focus and iris rings facilitates the adjustment of both focusing and aperture.
  • Sophisticated Optical Design to Deliver Distinguished Image Quality
    • Excellent image quality from center to corner is delivered based on the latest optical design technology with discernible resolution and contrast.
    • Enhanced transmissivity across the whole bandwidth is attained with Tamron's original coating technology.
  • Compatibility with Diversified Imagers
    • The17.6mm Effective Image Circle Diameter of the lens expands its compatibility with a broader range of cameras with multiple imager formats up to 1.1".

For additional product, pricing, and ordering information on M111FM50.

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