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  • The Open eVision image analysis software tools by Euresys perform a typical analysis in a clinical laboratory environment.  Here is a real world demonstration.

    For additional information on Euresys Open eVision software tools.

    For additional information on Euresys video capture products.

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    Ricoh Introduces 1" Format 9 Megapixel Rated Fixed Focal Lenses

    Ricoh Industrial Solutions has introduced a series of 1" format 9 megapixel rated C-Mount lenses in focal lengths of 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, and 75mm. High resolution and high contrast at 9 megapixels These lenses are compatible with 3.69μm pixel pitch, 1” format industrial cameras with resolution of up to 9 megapixels. From the center to the periphery, [...]

    CBC America (Computar) Releases New 55mm Telecentric Type Lens For 5 MP Sensors

    5MP 2/3" 55mm Telecentric LensThe Computar TEC-M55MPW is a 2/3" 55.0mm F3.0 Manual Iris Telecentric C-Mount Lens, Working Distance 140mm - 1m, <1% Distortion, Optical Magnification 0.057x - 0.5x, 5 Megapixel Rated.For additional product details.For all Computar lenses.

    Kowa LM6HC 6mm Lens - Video Demonstration With Panasonic GH4 Micro Four Thirds Camera

    Video courtesy of DSI Pictures Entertainment 2015.For product, pricing, and ordering details on Kowa LM6HC 6mm lens.

    CBC America (Computar) Recent Visit To RMA Electronics, Inc.

    Thank you to CBC America (Computar) for taking the time to visit RMA Electronics, Inc. recently.  From left to right, Terry Sekiya, Ilias Levis, Kan Saito, Ron Massa Jr., Ron Massa Sr., and Nick Kushiro.Many exciting new Computar lens products planned for release - and we look forward to selling them!For product details and pricing.

    Video: Shootout Between Kowa LM6HC & AZURE-06520ML5M Lenses on BMPCC

    Courtesy of Gan Eden Productions. Sample video footage taken on Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera (BMPCC) comparing wide angle quality between Kowa LM6HC, Azure Photonics AZURE-06520ML5M, as well as Tokina 11-16mm and Kowa Pominar 8.5mm.Check out the results for yourself and decide!

    Can You See COLOR In The Dark? Ikegami Can With Their New ISD-2500HD Low Light Camera

    Sample Video Footage Taken From Ikegami ISD-2500HD CameraISD-HD2500 Camera Features: Ultra High Sensitivity0.00016 lux F1.2 50% (Color)0.00004 lux F1.2 50% (B&W)HD-SDI Output (1080i/60 or 720p/60)Wide Dynamic Range AdjustmentDe-fogFocus EZ FunctionFor additional information on the Ikegami ISD-2500HD camera.For additional information on Ikegami CCTV cameras.

    New: Computar 2/3" Format SWIR Type Lens Series

    New Computar SWIR (Short Wave Infrared) type lenses from CBC America, Inc. are offered in 16mm, 25mm, 35mm, and 50mm focal lengths.  These 2/3" format (for up to 12.3mm image circle) fixed focal length models are megapixel quality - yet very economically priced for various types of hyperspectral imaging.These lenses are designed to operate in [...]

    Sentech's STC-MC36USB-L2.3 USB 2.0 UVC Micro Camera With 2.3mm Lens Offers Many Useful Possibilities (At A Low Cost)

    The Sentech STC-MC36USB-L2.3 is more than just a simple webcam device.  At under $100 USD, this USB video class (UVC) color camera can be used for various facial recognition applications (such as ATMs, gaming machines, and kiosks), as well as for machine vision, scientific imaging, and general purpose imaging applications where space is extremely limited for [...]

    Tamron Introduces 1.1" Format 50mm Lens For 12 Megapixel Camera

    Tamron has introduced the first lens model in a new series of 1.1" format 12 megapixel rated C-Mount lenses.  The M111FM50 is a 1.1" 50mm F1.8 manual iris C-Mount lens, locking screws for focus and iris, M49 x P0.75 filter thread, 12 megapixel rated.  It will support cameras using imagers as small as a 3.1µm pixel [...]

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